Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Biggest Mystery Is No Mystery At All

Ask and it shall be given to you... Mark 7:7

Miss Dorothy wanted to win the lotto so she prayed to God, and she lost. Next week she prayed to God again, and she lost. The week after she prayed to God, and she lost. Finally, getting quite impatient, she said to God, "Why won't you let me win?"  To her surprise God actually replied, a little exasperated, " Miss Dorothy, How about buying a ticket first?" 

Miss Dorothy like many of us hope our prayers are answered, and God does answer our prayers but not in some Merlin-like magical way but rather through our faith.  It metaphysical terms that means our belief. "It is done unto you as you believe."  Matthew 9:29

The biggest mystery of all is actually no mystery.  We must make ourselves available to receive that which we would ask for.  Sometimes we are ready to receive what we think we need or want and sometimes there is more preparation we need to do.  It is God's good pleasure to give us the kingdom - all we have to do is ask and be prepared to receive.  

If our prayers seem to go unanswered then it is ours to go within and see what needs to be cleared within ourselves to make space for that which we long for.  A few years back a group of gal pals who were single and wanted to be coupled declared the summer to be "Being my own boyfriend summer".  They planned activities, took themselves to dinner and events, bought flowers for themselves and each other and created the experience they were looking for outside themselves.  They are all coupled now, one married, one engaged.

We must be willing to become that which we seek.  Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Centers for Spiritual Living, put it this way:

We arrive at a consciousness of Unity only in such a degree as we see that what we are looking FOR, we are looking WITH, and looking AT. SOM pg 124.2

What seems like a mystery is just the hidden treasure of wholeness living within you awaiting your discovery of it.


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