Monday, August 14, 2017

Love Has No Opposite

Nothing in me supports what happened in Charlottesville, yet I am challenged to see how healing can take place if one takes up the cause of opposition.  

If I am to love the "sinner" and "reject" (I can't use the term usually put here) "sin" then my actions and deeds must be elevated from those of the "sinner" so that my actions demonstrate my choice to love. Now to be clear, I don't use the term sin in its common interpretation but rather to mean to miss the mark.  So in this context, I am loving the individual but not her/his mistake.  

If I were to take any other stand it feels to me that I'm just creating resistance energy that, while motivated by compassion, is still in opposition to something.

Love has no opposite. This I know to be true.  

Today I choose Love and this choice gives me the eyes to see and the heart to embrace all of humanity.  

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