Sunday, February 10, 2013

Israeli asks Iran to “Be My Valentine?”

With February comes Valentine’s day:  A day to remind our loved ones how much theyare loved; so this week I’m looking at how “Love points the way” toward ourheart’s desire.  It’s the energy thatcreates a pathway to realizing our dreams, sharing our heart with another, oreven doing our life’s work.  If we listento our heart, the wisdom that lies within us will guide us in the direction ofour highest good.  In fact not only arewe led toward our own highest good but often the highest good for all.  The trick is to follow your heart and thenallow the Universe to do the heavy lifting. 
Ernest Holmes wrote “Love points the way and the Law makes the waypossible.”  By Law he’s referring to theLife Force that animates all beings, God, Spirit, call it what you will – it’swhat makes the grass grow, it’s what ignites the hearts of others when wefollow our own.
So as my Valentine’s Day treat for you I want to share avery special Valentine’s with you that demonstrates how Love can point the wayto possibility, to changing the consciousness of thousands of young people whowere taught to hate.  A young man inIsrael, feeling no animosity toward “the enemy” in Iran sent out a powerfulmessage that ignited the hearts of millions. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Happy Valentine’s Day!