Sunday, January 6, 2013

Philosophy, Science and Roots

It’s the time of year when all Religious Scientists traditionally go back to our roots, the basic ideas of the Science of Mind teaching; which are summarized in the first four chapters of Ernest Holmes book The Science of Mind.
Chapter 1- The Thing Itself, talks about our inherent nature as part of the wholeness of the universe, that our thoughts create our life.
Chapter 2 - The Way It Works speaks to how Consciousness creates our life through our conscious use of our thoughts.
Chapter 3 - What It Does addresses the action that takes place as we allow our thoughts to create our life.
Chapter 4 - How to Use It discusses how we can proactively engage the One Consciousness to create a life we desire.

First let’s review The Thing Itself.  We recognize God or Spirit as Infinite Intelligence.  Always available to us since it is the essence of who we are.   Wo/Man is forever creating life from Consciousness whether s/he is aware of it our not.    God so loved that it objectified its love and created Wo/Man.  Likewise when we so love something we bring potency to our thoughts, which then create our life.
We refer to this Consciousness by two names but it is one thing, first we have the conscious mind and second we have the subjective or subconscious mind.  We use our conscious mind to direct our subconscious mind.  Yet it is our subconscious mind that does the actual creating.  If we aren’t “conscious” our subconscious creates unconsciously.

An example of this is when we accept ideas that are in the mass consciousness without discernment.  I like to refer to this as race belief or race consciousness.  Consider the stock market, in truth the market is an emotional mechanism that creates and destroys value based on what the race consciousness believes.   If everyone feels good about the economy they buy stocks and the market goes up; if the masses get scared they sell and the market goes down. 
However there are those people who can create good fortune independent of the race consciousness – they are the ones who tap into a deeper understanding of consciousness and create from a deep belief in abundance.  They seem to be unaffected by the market. 

Consider also that the Universe never plays favorites.  It only creates from our subjective consciousness.  It’s up to us to be interactive with our subconscious mind with our conscious mind.  The conscious mind directs the subconscious, then the subconscious does the actual creating.  If we are not mindful, if we don’t take care of what enters into our subconscious we find ourselves creating unconsciously.
Everything, absolutely everything is created in thought first and then becomes form according to the energy, nature, impulse or conviction behind the thought.  Whether we decide to be conscious of our thoughts or not they are always creating.  The nature of our life is not the result of some cosmic happenstance or luck or fate but cause and effect.  “It’s a taskmaster to the unwise and a servant to the wise.”  p31.1 The Science of Mind text.

In Biology of Belief author and Biologist Bruce Lipton, talks about his experience as a biologist.  Early on in his career he was taught to not only observe the substance he was studying but also its environment, he noted that if he changed the environment it would impact the results of his experiments.
This understanding led him to look beyond science’s basic belief that who we became was solely dependent on our DNA.  He recognized that the proteins in our bodies interacted with our DNA like little switches that would turn certain aspects on and off.  He likened the DNA to the architect and the proteins switches (whom science largely ignored after the discovery of DNA) as the contractor or builder.  The builder always influences how the design takes form.  Are you seeing the correlation to Holmes discussion of conscious and subjective mind?  Just like the builder influences how the design takes shape, or the protein switches direct the DNA to affect our physical form; it is the conscious mind that directs the subjective mind and it is the subjective mind that is part of the greater whole that creates our experience.

I find it fascinating that this pattern shows up over and over again in our world, even in the study of biology.  It is the sacred pattern of the Divine coming into form.
So what can we do about this, this Thing Itself, the sacred pattern that is the very essence of creation?  Wake up and be present with your own patterns.  Are they patterns that you like, do you want to change them?  Are you aware of the subconscious patterns that create your life, or as Holmes puts it is your subconscious “a taskmaster to the unwise” or  “a servant to the wise.”