Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Alchemy of Gratitude

"The thing about gratitude is that when we can invoke it, bring it forward, there is an alchemy that happens… it turns water into wine and mere metal into gold.  When we invite gratitude into a difficult situation the ego seems to step away - having nothing to grab hold of and we become available to newness, and a sense of being supported."    Alice Reid

Today I start with gratitude, knowing it is the result of allowing my heart to open wide and experience the One in everything around, about and inside me.  There is no thing but the Divine in all I see, hear, feel, taste, touch, think, and smell.  I simply surrender all ideas and thoughts unlike this and I’m in heaven, right here and right now.  My being remembers why I’m here and who I came here to be and I trust. A knowing comes over me like a warm embrace.  

I am one with the One and it fills me with Love and a great sense of well being.  I am supported and cared for by Life and I walk in the world with a confidence and a trust that Life is for me always,  I serve the world from my wholeness and I claim this deep sense of belonging and confidence for myself and for all beings everywhere.  This is the call I hear and respond to as I bathe in my gratitude for my life and the One Life that lives it through me.  Thank you God.

Amen, Ashay, Blessed Be and So It Is.

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