Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm fool who thinks it's cool to fall in Love.

Fool has become my favorite word
Because I am the epitome of fool
And every song that is about fool
Is about me

"I am a fool to want you, such a fool"
"I am a fool for that sound in your sighs"
"Baby, I'm a fool who thinks it's cool
To fall in love"    Heelf 

On this first day of April, let us be fools for love cuz 'Baby. I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall in love".

There is only One.  One Love, One Life, One Breath, One Sigh, One Moment.  It is in this moment that I allow my self to be in the Presence of True Love.  Love that heals, Love that nurtures, Love that is forever giving of Itself to me.  I stand in great acceptance of this Love, knowing that no matter what is happening before me it is Love, looking for another way to make Itself known.  And I, the fool, open, jolly and accepting, see only Love, even when it comes to me disguised as something else.  Even in my slumber when I dream of things unlovely, there is something in me that calls me to awaken to the certain truth before me.  There is only Love.

Love, is that you? Is that you knocking on the door of my broken heart?  Enter and fill me with your gentleness and your sweet embrace until I can find the spring of Love that lives forever in my own heart.  

This day I say yes to love, I am a fool for love and I choose to fall in love with life all over again and again and again.  

And so it is.